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Docking Station

Remote System Control

Docking Station

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Mounting Option

Dismounted soldier/wearable - can be installed in a backpack, on vest, etc.

Polymer mount provides:

   Secure, low profile positioning on soldier’s armor. 

   Flip down hands-free use.

   Quick detachment of tablet for hand-held use

Tripod mountable.

Vehicle – fixed position or adjustable mounts, prewired configurations.

Headquarters/office – desk or monitor mounted, various options.

A variety of textile storage pouches and other accessories are available.





Communication Interference 

Made-to-Fit Plug and Play modular docking solution for:

   Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1\M1 (Microsoft Windows) 

   Panasonic Toughpad FZ-B2 (Google Android)

Provides I/O connectivity to numerous communications products, sensors and power sources through a sealed, shielded MIL grade connector with the following interfaces:

   1 Gb Ethernet

    USB 2.0/3.0


    Analog video input

    Power input

    Can be configured for customer-defined interfaces

MIL STD 810G*, MIL STD 461F*, IP65*

Remote System Control

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Provides a highly sensitive, intuitive operation and physical

feedback controls that can be used for:

   Weapon firing Platform.

   Remote controlled platform

   Camera PTZ controls and more.

   Data communication is provided through Bluetooth or                                   wired USB  interface.

Configuration is available instantly as you connect your

Game-Pad like any other standard device (mouse or keyboard).

Operates on both Windows/Android OS.


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